Thursday, May 9, 2013

Lake conditions

Hello Blackduck Lake fans!  We just took this picture 2 days ago from the paddle boat.  We are open water to just past the weed line now! The rest has started crystalizing & with the wind forcasted the next couple of days, we are hoping that it will open up the rest of the way!  I was able to talk with a local fishing guide who agrees that with the winds it should open up sometime this weekend.  We (Larry & Company) will be out on the lake in a boat at midnight Saturday night! The question is just how far out we'll be able to go.  But with that said, the walleye are in the shallows spawning as we speak, so fishing closer to shore isn't such a bad thing this year!  We are also hearing reports that Red Lake is looking good & parts of it should also be open this weekend.  Once again, the forecasted winds are key, with strong winds, it can take the ice off a lake literally overnight! For an up to the minute ice conditions, please call us at 218.835.7759   

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