Monday, February 11, 2013

Fresh Powder...

Goodmorning Dunrovin Fans!  We ended up getting about 8-9" of fresh powder!  We had some new to Dunrovin snowmobiliers in this weekend, they said that our trails are in alot better condition than where they normally go. :-)   There's not as much traffic, our main traffic is fishermen, because of the lake!  So I would like to encourage snowmobilers to consider the Blackduck area, for their next trip!  Fishing slowed down a bit again with the storm front pushing through.  People were fishing in 10-12 fow, the walleye seemed to bite best around 5pm.  There was a real nice 30" northern caught during the day.  Larry will continue to plow the roads out to the best spots on the lake.  I gotta say, he's got his work cut out for him today! :-)

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Fish & Snow update

Well, Snowmobilers have having a blast with all this snow!  We ended up getting another 3 good inches yesterday! The trails are groomed right out side our door!  We are closely watching Sunday's storm.  Right now they are predicting 8-12" for us!  With another potential big storm the Feb 16th, but that's a way off yet.  Fishing slowed down quite a bit with this last cold front that pushed through, but on the flip side, our ice is in great shape!  We did have some of our guys get a couple walleye & 1 huge crappie!  They couldnt get over the size!  Most people are still fishing in 10-12 fow, they are using just about every kind of lure & bait to get the fish to bite.  Hopefully this weekend we'll have some great pics of more fish! Happy Trails & Happy Fishin'!