Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Lake update...

Blackduck update... people are getting around on plowed roads only with trucks or cars. We have about 2' of snow off the paths. It's making it difficult to get to some spots, unless you have a snowmobile. As of today we have roads plowed out over to the west side of the lake where the crappies have been biting. They have been turning on around 6pm. Perch have been a bit tougher to get this winter..., but holding out hope for the rest of March, because it's usually the best time for perch fishing! We just heard a report of the perch being in 7' of water. Everywhere guys are drilling, they are seeing them, just a bit tough to get them to bite. We are going to be doing some more exploring this week to see if we can find those Jumbos! Feel free to give us a shout for the latest info, and in case you don't have a place to stay yet, we do have a cabin open this weekend! 218.835.7759

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