Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Yet another Ice Update!

Hello Fishermen & women!
   Well, yesterday we were getting pretty nervous that our precious ice was going away too fast!  We had a bunch of rain & snow melt yesterday.  Larry drove our suburban out early evening to get our ice house off.  We still have 23" of ice, but there are small areas opening up where the rain & snowmelt drained into the lake.  Our access is still open for business, but there is some water on shore.  With the forecasted temps for this week, we are thinking bring ATV's for this weekend!  We just had a group go out from here with a full sized truck and they did fine, because everything re-froze last night.  We have a hot spot for the perch again finally!  It has been a long couple of weeks waiting to find those perch!  They came back into the shallows again!  Stayed tuned & I'll let ya know how our guys do!

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