Monday, January 16, 2012

Monday jan 16, 2012

Welcome to our new Blog! Please bear with us as we figure this bolgging thing out! :0)

Some of our guys did really good yesterday on the Jumbo Perch. Others did ok, but got onto a couple walleye. A few days ago a couple guys saw some of our HUGE sunfish, and caught 1! Our sunnies are about the size of a dinner plate! The northerns are always eagar to bite. The water is still pretty clear down to 10-15'. Ice remains to be good, everyones driving trucks out now. The next few days are to be bitterly cold, with some snow coming this weekend. Tip of the day... Be prepared: put new line on your poles! Ya don't want "the big one" to get away! Old line becomes brittle & can snap, just ask Larry! :0)

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